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Data Retention

School of Medicine Storage Matrix

The SOM Storage Matrix details the various storage options all SOM users have available and ways data can be saved and accessed. This infromation is subject to change. The following fully details different storage options within the School of Medicine:


Data is retained in backups managed by the SOM Office of Information Services. If a file is deleted by accident it can be recovered by contacting the SOM Office of Information Services HelpDesk at Please note, files deleted more than 2 months in the past may require tape recovery which may incur cost by the requesting organization. When requesting file recovery please be as specific as possible in the path of the file, the approximate date of deletion, and what date the file should be restored from.

Files deleted from a personal folder (U:\  drive) or group/department (V:\  drive) can be recovered via "previous versions" in Windows. Instructions on how to do this are here: File Recovery (Windows)  or contact the SOM Office of Information Services HelpDesk for assistance at

OneDrive for Business

If you delete a file/folder in OneDrive for Business, you can recover the data out of the OneDrive for Business Recycle Bin for up to 90 days.  

Files deleted in OneDrive for Business between 90 days and 365 days can also be recovered by contacting the SOM Office of Information Services HelpDesk at  

Files deleted over 365 days in OneDrive for Business are not recoverable.


View a previous version of a document

Sometimes you may just want to view an earlier document version. Or you may want to see and compare an earlier document version before you restore it as the current version.

1. Right-click the document for which you want to restore an earlier version, and then click Version History.

2. In the Version History dialog box, select the link for the document version you want to view.

Click a document version link to open it.

3. The document opens in its application. Depending the type of document, you may see options for comparing document versions.

Document Deletion:

Deleted items will go into your personal recycle bin within OneDrive. After a file has been deleted for 90 days it will be automatically removed from the OneDrive recycle bin and deleted.


Office 365 Groups:

Office 365 Groups currently have a storage limit of 1TB, but offer the fuctionality of a shared mailbox, calendar, OneDrive site and Notebook. They are a fantastic alternative to traditional distribution lists and can be created by SOM Staff with applicable rights. Note: "SOM-Groups" will be appended to any group for easy identification in the GAL. The following is a detailed reference to Office 365 groups:

Please contact the SOM Help Desk for further assistance about Data Retention.