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Outlook Web Access

‌‌‌Access your email through the Office 365 Portal


Can I add shared mailboxes I own to OWA?

Yes! Follow the procedure below to add a shared mailbox to OWA. Note: By default, any email sent from a shared mailbox will be stored in the user's mailbox who sent the email. If your organization requires sent email to be available in the shared mailbox, you'll have to open the mailbox separately and send directly from it. Refer to the next section for a how-to guide.

Adding an additional mailbox to OWA:

1.) Right click your name inside of OWA. Click "Add Shared Folder"

2.) Type in the name/email address of the shared mailbox and click "Search Directory". Confirm the mailbox and click "Add"

I need to open a mailbox separately

1.) Open the mailbox by clicking your picture in Office 365 (Note: You can upload a professional picture in the Office 365 settings). Click "Open another Mailbox"

2.) Enter the name of the shared mailbox and click "Open". The mailbox will open in a separate window or tab.