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Outlook Archiving

‌‌By default, Office 365 mailboxes are 100GB in size. For most SOM users, this is enough space to hold approximately 10-15 years of email. In some cases, extra space is needed and can be given. Office 365 has an "Online Archive" feature that gives a user an unlimited amount of archive space. This archive is set to 100GB as default and will automatically expand as needed.

To request an archive, please submit a written request to with a justification of why an archive mailbox is needed.

Once an archive is created, email can be moved to the archive within Outlook or OWA. Simply drag and drop emails to the archive or create a rule to move emails to the archive automatically.

The "Archive" button in Outlook/OWA will not not move messages to your online archive, it'll simply create an additional archive folder in your inbox.

Please be aware that online archived email cannot be viewed on mobile devices, and can only be accessed via OWA ( or through the outlook client.

Example of an archive enabled mailbox in Outlook 2016:

Example of an archive enabled mailbox in OWA: