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UM Medicine Funding Goals

Funding Goals ChartWith the dramatic federal funding cuts to NIH, and in order to continue UM Medicine’s amazing success over the past several years, we will need to significantly increase the amount of research and federal funding we receive, as well as the number and percent of faculty engaged in federally funded research.

Over the next five years, our goals include the following:

  • Increase the SOM overall annual federal funding by ≥5%
  • Achieve ≥25% of full-time faculty in clinical departments with federal funding
  • Achieve ≥90% of full-time faculty in basic science departments with federal funding
  • Increase grant applications across all academic units by 50% or more
  • Increase the total Program Project Grants, Center Grants, or the equivalent by 100%

Each of the Chairs and Directors were given their academic unit’s growth plan at the end of 2013, and remain committed to achieving their individual goals as we collectively strive to attain our overall goal for the School of Medicine.


Funding Goals Bottom Image