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Teaching Methods

Chair: Dr. Nirav Shah, Assistant Dean for Curriculum

The Teaching Methods workgroup recognizes that significant problems exist with the conventional curriculum that can be addressed by implementing innovative teaching methods in the new curriculum. These problems include the minimal use of newer technology to aid instruction, limited clinical relevance incorporated into the first year, inadequate faculty development to improve teaching skills and a lack of formal recognition of faculty teaching efforts. Therefore, we recommend focusing on implementing substantial changes to three key areas:

        1. Pre-clerkship curriculum
        2. Clerkship Curriculum
        3. Preparation for the USMLE examinations

Action plan for 2019-20

        1. Needs assessments of clerkship faculty to identify gaps and opportunities.
        2. Identification of innovative teaching strategies that we will focus on implementing.
        3. Faculty development programs to bring all faculty involved in teaching to a level that we deem is acceptable for lecturers and facilitators of non-lecture sessions.
        4. Renovation of appropriate spaces to facilitate chosen teaching strategies.
        5. “Test-drive” learning platforms and ultimately choose those which best complement and augment our curriculum.
        6. Resources to purchase the learning platforms and question banks, develop new course material, and administer standardized examinations.
        7. Identification of methods to ensure adequate preparation for USMLE Step 2.

We recognize that innovative teaching methods will continue to change as we plan and implement the new curriculum therefore, we will continue to evaluate innovate teaching strategies on an ongoing basis