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Pre-clerkship Content

Chair: Dr. Devang Patel, Director of Pre-clerkship Curriculum

Summary Statement:

The Pre-Clerkship workgroup recommends an integrated systems-based schedule that begins with a Foundations Course incorporating much of what is currently taught in the basic science portion of the curriculum. Courses based on organ systems will follow this. The group agrees with the current format of 4 hours of in-class instruction in the morning with additional afternoon sessions as needed for activities such as Practice of Medicine. The format of those four hours are left to the discretion of the course directors but should not incorporate more than 2 hours of lectures in most sessions. The workgroup agreed by large majority that the new curriculum maintain a summer break that allows students to engage in research activities and/or clinical work. The group also recommends that the new curriculum teach basic science material at the granularity of Step I but that clinical material be taught at the level of knowledge needed to succeed in the clerkship years. The workgroup recommends that Practice of Medicine, Wellness, and Multisystem Review days be interspersed during the courses. Course directors and leaders of embedded content material will continue work to develop the content for each course. This group will also work with the Teaching Innovations group to incorporate new teaching methodology into the courses.