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Chair: Dr. Sandra Quezada, Associate Dean for Medical School Admissions; Assistant Dean for Academic and Multicultural Affairs

As the SOM transitions to a new curriculum, the Admissions process must adapt to these changes as it relates to recruitment and selection of future medical school classes. This working group addresses ongoing updates needed in the medical student selection process, such as addressing class size changes and adapting recruitment materials and presentations for both the MD only and combined degree programs.

The work of this group is inclusive of multiple diverse perspectives including faculty, staff, and medical students, and will be intentional in optimizing diversity, prioritizing inclusion and minimizing bias in the selection process, recruitment materials developed, and in the process of interviewer training. Items addressed by this workgroup include:

I. Selection process

        a. Review of current selection process per LCME-reported criteria and discussion of any new requirements if needed
        b. Discussion of transfer/advanced placement students

II. Recruitment

        a. Written material
                i. Temporary handout – To be completed by March 25th
                ii. Website - Ongoing
                iii. Brochures – To be completed Summer 2019

        b. Verbal material
                i. Campus visit presentations (March 2019, Fall 2019)
                ii. Career fair recruitment interactions (April 2019)
                iii. SOM Open House (June 2019) - PPT
                iv. Second Look Day (March 2020) – PPT

III. Interviewer preparation

        a. Include new curricular information in Interviewer Orientation packet
        b. Notify all new interviewers (faculty and students) at interviewer orientation summer 2019

IV. Identify any other areas where materials/information needs to be updated

Given the breadth of issues to be addressed for the dual degree programs, this workgroup also recommended the formation of a separate Dual Degree workgroup to address matters pertinent to those programs beyond the scope of Admissions.