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Kids & COVID-19

This site provides people who care for children with information about COVID-19. It is divided into the following sections: Literature, Practice Resources, Important Links, and Information for Families. We will provide frequent updates on important new information.

Meet our team

Our team includes a diverse group of pediatric clinicians and people who care about, and care for, kids with backgrounds in infectious diseases, vaccines, public health, and scientific communications. We have one very young helper, Rosalind, and a student volunteer, JT. This is truly a collective effort with team members from across UMB campuses and collaborators from downtown, midtown, and Frederick. We have received feedback, documents, and website suggestions from colleagues in the field and are grateful for the continued input, resources, and expertise.

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South Korea now has more recovered cases than active cases and a steadily declining curve, 28 Mar 2020.

United States regulators have endorsed a new quick test from Abbott Laboratories for diagnosing COVID-19, 27 Mar 2020. This molecular test is similar to ones done in labs. The platform is already in use in clinics across the US to diagnose strep throat, flu, and RSV. Using the same tabletop machine, providers will be able to quickly diagnose COVID-19.

Although most patients who get seriously ill or die are older, young people can also be seriously affected, 27 Mar 2020.

Iceland has tested a large number of its citizens per capita and found half have no symptoms, 25 Mar 2020.

Italy remains hard hit, but may be showing a decline in its number of cases (Italian), 25 Mar 2020.

CNBC reports CEO of diagnostic kit claims testing is still not rolled out to the necessary level, 23 Mar 2020.

Maryland Governor, Larry Hogan, announces closure of all non-essential businesses, 23 Mar 2020.

Gilead, the maker of remdesivir, an antiviral drug that is being tested for efficacy against COVID-19, reports that it is prioritizing provision of the drug for clinical trials and for certain infected patients, including severely ill pregnant women and children, 23 Mar 2020.

CEO of 3M discusses ramping up of PPE production and distribution—prioritizing masks, including N95s, for medical providers, 22 Mar 2020.

WBAL reports first child infected with COVID-19 in Maryland, 20 Mar 2020.

Report on lower severity of COVID-19 disease in children, 20 Mar 2020.

How vulnerable are children to the new coronavirus?, 10 Mar 2020.