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Mike's Legacy

The 30th annual Frontiers in Vaccinology Conference will feature Mike Levine as the keynote speaker. Dr. Levine is a highly accomplished researcher and physician who has made substantial contributions to infectious disease research and vaccine development. With extensive expertise in clinical trials, field research, and laboratory investigations, he has played a vital role in advancing our understanding of infectious diseases and developing effective preventive strategies. Dr. Levine's impressive work demonstrates his commitment to addressing emerging enteric infections and improving global health outcomes.

Mike arrived at the University of Maryland in 1970, joining the Department of Medicine Infectious Disease Division, and four years later he was appointed Director of the newly formed Clinical Research Center for Vaccine Development, which evolved into the more comprehensive multidisciplinary Center for Vaccine Development. Mike has devoted a lifetime to establishing “Vaccinology” as a discipline and has worked to develop and evaluate vaccines aimed at preventing a number of infectious diseases occurring among disadvantaged children and adults in impoverished populations living in the least developed countries of the world.  He has been a practitioner of “global health” for decades before its current popularity, always combining his vaccinology efforts with global health initiatives.  Mike’s an inspirational teacher, clinician and investigator, and has served as mentor and role model for many students, residents, fellows and visiting scientists.  Many of his trainees have gone on to become Institute Directors, Division Chiefs, Department Chairs, leaders in industry, Professors and practicing clinicians.

The Frontiers in Vaccinology Honorary Lecture is an esteemed event bringing together experts and thought leaders from the field of vaccinology to share their insights and discoveries. This lecture series serves as a platform for renowned scientists and researchers to present their cutting-edge work and discuss the latest advancements in vaccine development, efficacy, and safety. These lectures provide a unique opportunity for attendees to gain deep insights into the challenges and opportunities in the field, fostering collaborations and sparking new ideas. The Frontiers in Vaccinology Honorary Lecture is a highly anticipated event that contributes to advancing scientific knowledge, encourages critical thinking, and inspires the next generation of vaccine researchers and developers.

All proceeds from the Frontiers in Vaccinology - 30th Annual Honorary Lectureship will support the Myron M. Levine MD, DTPH Professorship in Vaccinology.

Funds for the University of Maryland School of Medicine are administered by the University of Maryland Baltimore Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization and are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your contribution.

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