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Policy Development


There is substantive work already being done as part of the CTI that focuses on specific policies that address professional behavior in the workplace.

  • We are in the final stages of two key policies designed to define and address standards for professional behaviors across the UMB campus.
  • The first will make clear that consensual sexual relationships between faculty and students or trainees, or between supervisors and subordinates, are not appropriate and are not permitted.
  • The second will define unprofessional faculty and physician faculty behaviors, and outline in a stepwise fashion how these behaviors will be addressed. The goal of each of these policies is to provide guidelines for a safe, respectful, professional environment for work and study.


  • A new website will provide continuously updated information, including feedback channels and links to relevant information.
  • The UMSOM will provide regular updates on CTI progress
  • Monthly features in SOMnews
  • A shorthand tag #TransformMed will be used across communications platforms to identify content related to the initiative.

“Accountability begins with having the right policies in place. We must make our definition of acceptable behavior perfectly clear to all members of the UMB community, and with the policies in place to ensure compliance.”

President Jay Perman, MD