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Physiological Phenotyping


The Physiological Phenotyping Core (PPC) provides cuttingedge phenotyping services with a focus on cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The core has a 10-year track record of services, including microsurgery, telemetry recordings, high-frequency ultrasound, and pressurevolume loop analysis.


  • Microsurgery and animal models: catheter and device implanting; coronary artery ligation; aortic banding; artery wire denudation or ligation; chronic hypoxia
  • Biomicroscopy (highfrequency ultrasound) of the hearts, large or small vessels, tumors, or abdominal organs
  • Acute in vivo measurements: hemodynamics, pressurevolume loop analysis, respiratory mechanics, sympathetic nerve activity
  • Long-term recordings: blood pressure, aortic or organ blood flow, sympathetic nerve activity, ECG, EEG, EMG, temperature
  • Equipment Rent

physiological-phenotyping image 1CORE INSTRUMENTATION:

  • Vevo 2100 High-frequency Ultrasound System (VisualSonics), the most updated system that allows highresolution imaging under B-, M-, color and pulse-wave Doppler mode, 3-D construct, and Vevo strain. (Figures: Mouse Echo; Tumor Imaging)
  • Telemetry System (DSI) allows long-term recordings of blood pressure, biopotential (ECG, EEG, EMG), sympathetic nerve activity, and blood glucose concentration. It can be interfaced with flowmeters (Transonic), e.g., for simultaneously long-term recordings of blood pressure and cardiac output (Figure: Long-term BP and CO)
  • MP150 Acquisition System (BioPac): 16-channel modular system interfaced with various transduces or amplifiers of pressure, volume, flow, biopotential, and temperature, as well as Mikro-tip catheters (Millar), flowmeters (Transonic), and cardiac output computer (Columbus Instruments)
  • Environment System (Kent Scientific) allows customized exposure of hypoxia or hyperoxia (Figure: CIH setup)
  • Pressure-volume loop system (Transonic) for comprehensive analysis of cardiac function in vivo or in isolated heart preparation
  • Tailcuff Blood Pressure System (SC1000, Hatteras)

Echocardiography of Mouse Left and Right Ventricle (Vevo 2100, Visualsonics)

physiological-phenotyping image 2

Targeted High-Frequency Ultrasound Imaging in Tumor (Vevo 2100, Visualsonics System)

physiological-phenotyping image 3

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Ling Chen, MD, PhD

Ling Chen, MD, PhD

Core Director
Office: Bressler 5-037


BRB 5-044 & 5-046
Bressler Research Building
655 W. Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21201


Monday through Friday
7:00am - 5:00pm


Office: 410-706-3283

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