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Who We Are

BSRCU Leadership

Working Group Members:

Although in its infancy, the BSRCU Executive Committee has held several meetings to discuss the various areas of scientific inquiry that will be broached from multiple disciplines. Working Group Members form an integral part of these meetings, as they represent the various faculty scientists and clinicians, who are in the trenches and maintain a feet-on-the-ground understanding of the complexity of the questions that will be asked by the BSRCU.

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Our Organizational Structure

The Brain Science Research Consortium Unit (BSRCU) is a mammoth endeavor to coalesce the strong individual neuroscience research programs existing across the School of Medicine to focus on common goals. An enterprise of this magnitude can only be accomplished by corralling the best and brightest.

To this end, Dean E. Albert Reece, MD, PhD, MBA, appointed nine Executive Committee members to steer the BSRCU in an advisory capacity. Additionally, the BSRCU is comprised of several Working Group members who, in addition to attending monthly BSRCU meetings, apply their particular realm of expertise to the focus areas defined by the BSRCU. Our Scientific Coordinator is Annabelle (Mimi) Belcher, PhD, who in addition to her role of helping coordinate and assemble these various neuroscience projects, has her own line of research exploring the possibility of using patient expectation and pharmacological conditioning as tools to enhance long-term outcomes in patients undergoing medication-assisted treatment for Opioid Use Disorder.‌