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Our Mission

As part of his Shared Vision 2020 plan for UM Medicine to accelerate research, Dean E. Albert Reece announced the future creation of several Research Consortium Units (RCUs) that will be established across the School of Medicine. With key faculty leadership appointed by the Dean, these various RCUs will be formed with the express intent to improve alignment of research ongoing in the basic and clinical departments, and to remove the organizational silos that prevent collaboration. The Brain Science RCU represents the first of several scientific enterprises.


  1. Advance “big science” research questions about the human brain.
  2. Identify existing strengths across the School of Medicine and capitalize on these existing pillars to engage other researchers.
  3. Conduct trans-disciplinary, translational research that bridges various basic and clinical science approaches to the study of neuroscience with core, common themes.
  4. Leverage collaborations between senior investigators across the School of Medicine (both clinical and pre-clinical), and to use this as a basis from which to grow collaborations with more junior faculty both within and outside of UMSOM.