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With over $50 million in secured neuroscience research funding over the past five years, the University of Maryland School of Medicine is a commanding research powerhouse that is well poised to provide a home base for the Brain Science Research Consortium Unit (BSRCU). The BSRCU’s charge is to pull together the research resources across the School of Medicine and rapidly develop translational discoveries that will link the laboratory to the bedside of patients. This approach is unique in its focus on developing new drugs treatments, and ultimately, cures for many brain diseases. Our research strengths and excellence in patient care will enable us to break new ground and provide answers to disease questions and challenges faced by not only our patients, but by those around the world, suffering from the devastating effects of brain diseases and, disorders.


  • Aggressively advance “big science” research questions about the human brain.
  • Conduct trans-disciplinary, translational research that links laboratory research to the bedside, bringing the latest discoveries directly to our patients.
  • Leverage collaborations between senior investigators across the School of Medicine (both clinical and pre-clinical), and provide seed funding for new research projects.


A groundbreaking study by Scott Thompson, PhD, is but one example of the cutting edge research being conducted by University of Maryland School of Medicine faculty in the Brain Science Research Consortium Unit. In this video, Dr. Thompson explains how his research could lead to innovative new treatments for depression.