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Current Collaborators with funding at UMB:

  • Thomas Grissom MD (UMSOM, Anesthesiology)
  • Thomas Scalea, MD (UMSOM, Surgery)
  • Deborah Stein MD, MPH (UMSOM, Surgery)
  • Neeraj Badjatia, MD (UMSOM, Neurology)
  • Jonny Morrison, MD (UMSOM, Surgery)
  • Sarah Murthi, MD (UMSOM, Surgery)
  • Hegang Chen, PhD (UMSOM Epidemiology)
  • Roumen Vesselinov, PhD (UMSOM Epidemiology)
  • Catriona Miller, PhD (US Air Force)

Collaborators with Funding at other institutions:

  • James Rose, PhD (Surgery, Oregon Health & Science University)
  • Jose Salinas, PhD (U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research at Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston)
  • Gary Gilbert, PhD (US Army Medical Research & Materiel Command Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center TATRC, Maryland)
  • Chien-I Chang PhD (Electrical Engineering, UMBC)
  • Kutus Kalpakis PhD (Computer Science, UMBC)

Former Lab Members:

Clinical Fellows
2007-2008 Ayan Sean, MD, Trauma Research Fellow
2008-2009 Sibel Kahraman, MD, Trauma Research Fellow
2009-2011 Matthew Woodford, MD, Surgical Research Fellow
2013-2015 Brandon Bonds, MD, Surgical Research Fellow
2015-2016 Nehu Parimi, MD, Surgical Research Fellow
2017-2018 Yao Li, PhD Post Doc Fellow
2015-2017 William A. Teeter, MD, Surgical Research Fellow

Doctoral Degree Students
1996-2000 Shao-Shan Chiang (Electrical Engineering,UMBC)
2003-2007 Danny Ho (Information Systems, UMBC)
2005-2006 Kamalike Das (Computer Science, UMBC)
2008-2009 Mark Wong (Electrical Engineering, UMBC)
2008-2011 Keng-Hao Liu (Electrical Engineering, UMBC)
2009-2011 Wei Xiong (Electrical Engineering, UMBC)
2009-2010 XiaoLi Jiao (Computer Science, UMBC)
2011-8/2013 Shiming Yang (Computer Science, UMBC)
2011- 6/2012 Wayne Chang (UM, School of Medicine)
1/2011-6/2014 Shih Yu Chen (Electrical Engineering, UMBC)
6/2011-6/2012 Xianshu Zhu (Computer Science, UMBC)
3/2012-8/2013 YuLie Wang (Electrical Engineering, UMBC)
8/2012-1/2017 Yao Li (Computer Science, UMBC)
4/2013-12/2015 Cheng Gao (Electrical Engineering, UMBC)
5/2013-6/2015 Fan Yang (Information System, UMBC)
8/2013-7/2016 Hsiao Chi Li (Electrical Engineering, UMBC)
1/2015- 5/2018 Li Chien Lee (Electrical Engineering, UMBC)

Masters Degree Students
1995-1997 Ben Harper (University of Maryland Collage Park)
1996-1998 Richard Spencer (George Mason University)
2000-2001 Sammy Hsu (Electrical Engineering, UMBC)
2001-2002 Yonggong Huang (Electrical Engineering, UMBC)
2003 Bhrath Ramakrishna (Information System, UMBC)
2003-2004 Anadi Mahajan (Information System, UMBC)
2003-2004 Hao Hu (Electrical Engineering, UMBC)
2009- 2010 Ananth Ranga Prithviraj (Electrical Engineering, UMBC)
2013-2014 Rukmini Ramakrishnan (Computer Science, UMBC)