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The research rotation is of one month duration, divided into two 15 day blocks. Each fellow will have an assigned mentor who is usually a member of the Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology faculty. The Cardiac Anesthesiology fellow will have a defined project and will be expected to submit findings for presentation at a national meeting, typically the SCA annual meeting.

Areas of active investigation in the division include:

1. Coagulation and hemostasis- specifically perioperative coagulation and transfusion management, immune mediated coagulopathy and impact on post cardiopulmonary bypass disseminated intravascular coagulation states, intracardiac thrombosis, infectious complications of transfusion, blood conservation and antifibrinolytic therapy, alternate blood transfusion products, protamine dosing and impact on transfusion after cardiac surgery

2. Outcomes research in cardiac surgery

3. Enhanced Recovery after Cardiac Surgery (ERACS)

4. Renal failure in cardiac surgery.

4. Novel Mitral Repair Techniques

5. Use of ECMO in the peripartum period

6. Xenotransplantation

Members of the division have received recent grant funding from both industry and foundations including the SCA, APSF, FAER and NIH National Heart Lung and Blood Institute.