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2023 News

UMMC Physician of the Year Nominations

April 11, 2023

In celebration of “National Doctors Day” on March 31th, the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) held its fourth annual awarding of UMMC Physicians of the Year. Medical staff members, residents, and fellows vote on this honor awarded to faculty that go above and beyond to model patient-centered, high quality, and safe care while demonstrating a strong commitment to the mission and values of UMMC.

We would like to extend congratulations to all the Anesthesiologists who were nominated for UMMC's Physicians of the Year.

Anesthesiology Faculty nominated:

  • Douglas Martz, MD
    Truly a top notch anesthesiologist. Dr. Martz has taught generations of residents how to be the best they can be.
  • Earl Wilson, MD
    Dr. Wilson is a staunch advocate for his patients. He is vigilant, patient, and unflappable. He is an excellent board runner.
  • Jessica Galey, MD
    Dr. Galey is a role model of not only how to treat a patient but simply how to be a kind and thoughtful human. She goes so far beyond for her patients. 
  • Matthew Tulis, MD
    Dr. Tulis is our department's clinical director, and we could not ask for anyone better in the role. He is unwavering in his advocacy for his patients and our department. 
    Outstanding physician leader, walks the walk and manages conflicting needs in the OR professionally day in and out.
  • Paul Bigeleisen, MD
  • Sam Galvagno, MD
    Dr. Galvagno's knowledge, skill, clinical acumen, and bedside manner are without equal. He is the ultimate team player and an excellent role model for young physicians. 
  • Shobana Bharadwaj, MD
    Exceptional and detail-oriented patient care with focus on safe delivery for both mother and baby, model of professionalism for trainees and colleagues alike
  • Stephanie Kahntroff, MD
    Dr Kahntroff always goes above beyond for her patients and her residents. She’s not only a role model of what an attending anesthesiologist should be, but a friend and confidant to her residents. Being a resident can be challenging even on the easiest rotations, but she seems to always lend an ear, extra hand, or pick me up. 
  • Bhavani Kodali, MBBS, MD
    He’s an excellent anesthesiologist 


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