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Ranked 11th in NIH Funding

The Department of Anesthesiology Ranked 11th in the Country amongst All Anesthesiology Departments for NIH Funding

 Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research

According to the latest rankings of NIH funding, the University of Maryland School of Medicine Department of Anesthesiology ranked #11 amongst all US Departments of Anesthesiology.

Since 2016, for six years in a row, we have been ranked #11 or higher. We are the #5 anesthesiology department amongst public medical schools. By way of comparison, only 52 Anesthesiology departments have any NIH funding. Our NIH funding is listed in the Blue Ridge report at $6.8M; the median funding for all US Anesthesiology Departments is $2.1M.

In 2019 we were #6 and last year we were ranked #10. Being in the top tier of research departments these many years is a great accomplishment, especially in this era of constrained NIH funding. Being a top-ranked program for our specialty is a very special accomplishment and means we are in the highest echelons of Anesthesiology departments. Our research funding is spread out over many investigators. This means our “bench” is deep and our research portfolio broad. This is an excellent strategy for long-term success and means we are making contributions in a number of important areas. We are also doing well regarding where we stand in terms of overall SOM NIH awards performance.

Our top-ranking represents the hard work of our entire faculty and staff and is the result of a true team effort. Everyone should take great pride in this success. We take care of the sickest patients in the country, we train terrific anesthesiologists, and we perform research that makes a significant difference to patients here, and elsewhere. These are all reasons why our department is now one of the top Anesthesiology programs in the nation. 

For a full listing of all US Departments of Anesthesiology, Blue Ridge Ranking 2021.



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