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2022 Archive

Faculty Awarded Patent Approvals

April 06, 2022 | Danielle Hill

Congratulations to the following faculty on their recent patent approvals 

  • Samuel Galvagno, DO, PhD, Professor from the Department of Anesthesiology was among the inventors that received approval for a US patent on January 22, 2019, for “Ultraviolet Sterilizing Drainage Catheter”. This device is flexible and configured to receive ultraviolet (UV) light from a UV illumination coupler. The tubular member contains a lumen defining a longitudinal interior space within the tubular member, a tubular body bounded by an inner wall defining an outer boundary of the lumen and an outer wall defining an outer surface of the tubular member, at least one optical fiber disposed outside of the interior space not parallel to an axis of the lumen and adapted to receive the UV light from the UV illumination coupler, and a protective component adapted to prevent substantively all of the UV light emitted from the optical fiber from exiting the outer wall. Methods for producing and using such devices are also disclosed herein. 
  • Konstantin Birukov, MD, PhD The Anesthesiology Endowed Professor In Entrepreneurial Research received a US patent on March 23, 2021, for "Phospholipid Analogues". Studied by his group for over 15 years, they have uncovered potent anti-inflammatory and lung barrier protective properties of natural oxygenated phospholipids that have been tested in cell and animal models of sepsis, lung injury, and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). This patent describes a new method for a custom design and synthesis of phospholipase-resistant biomolecules structurally similar to a group of the rational design of compounds based on structures of protective phospholipids is unique and opens new opportunities in the development of phospholipid-based therapies for the non-antibiotics treatment of life-threatening conditions such as severe respiratory and systemic inflammatory syndromes including COVID-19.
  • Peter Hu PhD, Professor; Shiming Yang, PhD, Assistant Professor, Colin F. Mackenzie, MB,ChB, MD, Professor Emeritus from the Department of Anesthesiology and Hegang Chen, PhD, Professor from the Department of Epidemiology & Public Health, received approval for a US patent on June 15, 2021, for “Method and Apparatus for Predicting a use for a Blood Transfusion”. This method is provided for predicting that a caregiver will order a blood transfusion during a treatment. The method uses joint time and frequency domain analysis on a continuous photoplethysmographic (PPG) waveform or a continuous electrocardiogram (ECG) waveform or both collected in early admission time to predict urgent or massive transfusion for trauma patients. An apparatus is also provided for predicting that the caregiver will order the blood transfusion during the treatment.


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