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2017 Bring Your Child to Work Day

On Thursday, April 27, 2017, The Department of Anesthesiology hosted Bring Your Child To Work Day. An invitation was extended to the children of our Department’s faculty, residents, CRNA and staff. Thirty-two children between the ages of 10 and 17 participated in the day's activities. The agenda included stops in the Wu, Stoica and Chao laboratories as well as sessions in the Helrich conference room with Wendy Daley, MD, Michelle L.R. Gonzalez, MSN, CRNA,Robyn Ciurca Cooke, MS, CRNA, Cheryl Cline, MSN, CRNA, and  a double session in the Simulation Center with David Schreibman, M.D. and Matthew Tulis, M.D. All participants were given a tee shirt to keep and scrub pants to wear for the day. Parents were invited to join the children in the Helrich conference room for a pizza lunch.

Getting ready for the lab

 Sara Smith enjoys BYCTW Day 2017

Helping Dr. Daley with the IV bag

Learning how to get vital signs

From left to right: Cameron Shinnick, Dr. Mollie Fitpatrick, James Fitzpatrick, Kate Tulis, Dr. Matthew Tulis,
Sara Smith, Brook Shinnick, and India Ervin

Denise Johnson and her graddaughter, Sydney Austen

Simulation center discussion with Dr. Schreibman

Cheryl Cline, MSN, CRNA and Robyn Ciurca Cooke, MSN, CRNA - both members of the Anesthesiology GO TEAM -
model their special equipment

Dr. Schreibman introduces and talks to the mannequin

Prepping for mannequin surgery

Can Moishy Kaplowitz keep the CPR rhythm going?

Dr. Schreibman describes the procedure

 Brooke Shinnick places the nerve block under the expert tutelage of Dr. Matthew Tulis

Simulation recap with Dr. Schreibman