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Video Services

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Service Requests and Questions:

Larry Roberts
Director, Public Affairs & Digital Communications
University of Maryland School of Medicine BRB 14-006
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
(410) 706-4939

Video Services Resources

SOM YouTube Channel 

Broadcast Studio 

The Office of Public Affairs produces video news segments to support the strategic public relations objectives of the School of Medicine and the Dean, and highlight special events, faculty research expertise, patient care, medical education and community engagement. Videos conceived and produced by the Office of Public Affairs are three to five minutes in length, and include video profiles of faculty and students. Interviews may be recorded in the School of Medicine's Broadcast Studio or on location.  The videos are displayed on the School’s YouTube channel, or on appropriate pages of the School of Medicine website. The Office of Public Affairs maintains editorial control, while consulting closely with faculty and stakeholders to ensure that the videos are accurate and meet branding standards.

The Dean greatly appreciates the participation of faculty, staff and students in these videos.

Video Service Requests

Effective 4/1/14  

Offices and academic units of the School of Medicine may request video services at the rates listed below. The Director of Public Affairs & Digital Communications will determine if the video service request can be accommodated with existing resources, review options, and provide an estimate of the cost and completion date. If the video project cannot be accommodated, the Office of Public Affairs may recommend an external vendor to provide video services, with the fee paid by the office or academic unit. Videos produced by an outside vendor must be approved by the Office of Public Affairs to ensure that the videos are accurate and meet branding standards.

School of Medicine Video Services & Fees

Video Service: Fees:
*Videography (In SOM Broadcast Studio, or On Location) $150 per/hour
*Video Editing and Digital Encoding $150 per/hour
**Video Production Support $150 per/hour

*For projects that do not require video production support. Content and editing direction is provided by the office or academic unit.

**Please note that when video production support is required simultaneously with videography or editing, hourly fees may be up to $300 per hour.

Video Production Support Services may include:

  • Project Management, Pre-Interviews
  • Scheduling of Interviews
  • B-Roll Coordination
  • On-Camera Interviewing
  • Story Development & Script Writing
  • Customized Editing
  • Narration & On-Camera Presentation
  • Supporting Graphics (non-animated)
  • *Stock Video As Needed
  • Coordination of Approvals and Changes to Finished Video

*Videos that require the use of stock video will incur an additional expense. 

Payment may be made by journal voucher, or by personal/departmental check. Payment is due upon completion of the final video.

The studio is conveniently on the first floor of the Bressler Research Building (1-009), at 655 W. Baltimore Street.

Video Examples: