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Thao Nguyn

Hometown: Crofton, MD
Undergraduate College & Degree: George Washington University, Anthropology
Extracurricular Activities & Hobbies: Cooking, working out, jewelry making

Why do you want to be a doctor?

I wanted to be in a profession where there is lifetime learning and impact people’s lives in a positive way.

In your opinion, what are the attributes of an ideal physician?

Patience, good listening skills, and caring.

Why did you choose the University of Maryland School of Medicine?

I wanted a school with a diverse patient population that was close to my family.

How do you like living in Baltimore?

It was really easy to find housing. There are plenty of choices within walking distance of campus. If you are not living within walking distance, I would recommend Federal Hill, Mount Vernon, Canton or Fells Point.

How would you describe the learning environment at the School of Medicine?

Supportive. They want you to succeed and will help you get there.

How would you describe the faculty and quality of instruction at the School of Medicine?

The faculty is very supportive in all aspects of your life (your education, as well as your personal well-being). There have been great clinicians teaching us.

What has been the most surprising aspect of medical school?

How much you really do know even though you feel like you don’t know anything.

Do you know yet what your specialty will be?

I would like to specialize in Orthopaedics. I have always been interested in the mechanics of the human body. I recently shadowed an orthopaedics surgeon, and enjoyed that experience very much.

What advice do you have for aspiring medical students?

Do things that are meaningful to you, not things are resume building. Interviewers can tell a difference!

Thao Nguyn

Thao Nguyn