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Student Events

Admissions Open House

Each year the School of Medicine holds an open house for prospective students who have not yet applied to the medical school. This event is for students only, not parents or other family, as space is limited. During the open house, students will have the opportunity to hear from representatives in the Dean’s Office, Office of Admissions, Office of Medical Education, Office of Student Research, and the MD/PhD and MD/MPH programs. Students will also have the chance to meet with current medical students and get a tour of the campus. 

Anatomical Services Ceremony

A special memorial service is held each spring to honor those who have donated their bodies to medical education. The service, which has been held every year since 1973, is an opportunity to express gratitude to the donors and their families. Approximately 1,000 bodies are used every year for anatomy, surgical education and training. Ashes from the bodies are buried on the Springfield Hospital Center grounds in Sykesville at a monument to anatomical donors. For information about the service, or to learn more about the Maryland Body Donor Program, please call (410) 547-1222.

White Coat Ceremony

The annual White Coat Ceremony, which started in 1997, is an important step for first-year medical students. During the ceremony, each student is presented a traditional white coat - long the symbol of the medical clinician and scientist - by School of Medicine faculty, recognizing the students' entry into the profession of medicine and welcoming them as junior colleagues. After getting their coats, the students vow to always maintain professional attitudes and behaviors in work and relationships with classmates, teachers patients and the community at large. The White Coat Ceremony was first held at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in 1997.

Student Clinician Ceremony

The Student Clinician’s Ceremony is held in July, before the beginning of the third year of medical school, to help prepare students for their clinical rotations. During the ceremony, students receive professionalism pins to wear on their white coats, as a constant reminder of their duty to their patients and their profession, and vow to follow the Charter on Professionalism. The ceremony is followed by two days of clinical skills workshops and small group discussion about professionalism issues.

Match Day

In an annual ceremony known as "Match Day," graduating medical students around the country and discover where they will begin their careers as doctors. During the emotionally charged, suspense-filled ceremony, students are handed an envelope revealing which residency program has accepted them. The ritual takes place at the same time on the same day for all graduating U.S. medical students.

Locks of Love

Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children under age 21 in the United States and Canada who are suffering from long-term medical hair loss. Students at the School of Medicine have occasionally arranged Locks of Love events to collect hair to be donated to the organization. To find out more about Locks of Love, visit

Project Feast

Project Feast is a Thanksgiving dinner sponsored by the University of Maryland, Baltimore; the University Student Government Association; the Medical Alumni Association; and the School of Medicine Student Council. Students, faculty, staff and friends from all six University of Maryland, Baltimore schools gather at Booker T. Washington Middle School in West Baltimore to assist with the event, which provides hundreds of our neighbors with a warm holiday meal.

Convocation & Commencement

Students from the School of Medicine participate every year in the afternoon commencement ceremony for all the University of Maryland, Baltimore professional schools, which is held at the First Mariner Arena. Earlier that day, the School of Medicine has a pre-commencement event (also known as a convocation), where graduating medical students are presented with their green doctoral hoods by faculty members in full academic regalia. The ceremony also features a keynote speaker who is renown in the medical community.