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Routing Procedures

Grant Procedures – Frequently Asked Questions

I am a part-time faculty member. Am I eligible to apply for grants?
Yes, if have a paid faculty appointment greater than 51%, you are eligible to submit a proposal.

If I don't meet the eligibility requirement, how do I obtain a waiver?
Please contact Sue Hobbs.

Can I have effort on any proposal without salary?
No. School of Medicine policy states that the salary requested on the grant must be commensurate with the percent effort committed to the grant. This also applies if you are listed on another investigator's grant.

What is the UMB IRB Assurance number?
FWA 00007145

What is the IACUC Assurance number for the School of Medicine?

My grant asks for my IRB/IACUC protocol's latest approval date. What date do I use?
If your protocol is less than a year old, it is the initial approval date. If your protocol is more than a year old, it is the approval date of the protocol's latest annual report.

How far in advance should I begin the routing process?
A minimum of two weeks prior to the deadline date

How do I determine which indirect cost rate to use?
Indirect costs are listed here. If you are not sure whether the perfomance site of your application is on or off campus, contact Sue Hobbs. (NOTE: UMMC & BVAMC are off-campus sites.)

What should I do if my proposed funding agency will not pay the campus indirect cost rate (F&A)?
Provide documentation with the routing form from the funding agency detailing the maximum indirect cost rate that will be paid. This documentation should be a copy of the proposal's RFP or pages printed from the sponsor's website.