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School of Medicine Calendar

Calendar Screen

From seminars and workshops to special events, if you need to know what’s happening on any given day at the School of Medicine, the online calendar is the place to start. 

Accessible from the SOM homepage, the school-wide calendar allows departments, programs, research centers and other groups to list their events on a central calendar. Using a simple web-based interface, designated administrators can enter event details, upload attachments and add pictures.

In addition to providing a school-wide view of upcoming events, the system creates a calendar for each department, program or research center. The system also provides for the creation of private calendars.

Visitors can view the events in multiple formats, including a standard calendar grid or a list view.  Event details can be downloaded directly to your outlook calendar, or emailed to yourself or others.


Calendar Features 

User Guide 

To request access and training for the School of Medicine Online Calendar System, please contact: 

Larry Roberts
Director of Web Communications
(410) 706-4939