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TeleMental Health


Establish a TeleMental Health Center of Excellence: The Center of Excellence will develop best practices for coordinated, cost effective telemental health care in Maryland, including the flexibility to allocate resources where and when needed as mental health providers and facilities determine is most appropriate, to develop the role of telemental health in disaster preparation, intervention and response, to train and educate mental health providers in telemental health care delivery to urban, suburban and rural communities, to create a multi-disciplinary venue that generates connections among diverse intellectual, financial, and physical resources to facilitate development of new initiatives, projects, and collaborations that improve quality of life for individuals and families with mental and substance use disorders for all of Maryland.


  • To facilitate and rapidly communicate advances in telemental health discovery, development and delivery approaches for prevention, intervention and recovery of mental health and substance use disorders.
  • To promote the mental health of Maryland’s children, their families and communities, through statewide collaborative action that influences and integrates telemental health research, training, practice, and policy.
  • To provide access to culturally competent mental health and substance use care via telemental health technologies with emphasis on especially vulnerable populations: Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Children, Adolescents, Veterans located in rural areas, victims of domestic or sexual violence, perinatal mental health issues, non-English speaking persons with mental health issues.
  • To foster discovery, development, and delivery of novel telemental health approaches for the prevention and treatment of mental health and substance use disorders. Facilitate high-impact contributions that:
    • Challenge or redefine existing paradigms
    • Develop or employ novel concepts, approaches, methodologies, tools, and technologies
    • Translate successfully into clinical practice
  • To educate, train, conduct research and assist in the use of telemental health in disaster preparedness, disaster management, and disaster response. To include intra- and inter- State response, coordination and support.

Map of Services


  • Center for School Mental Health – Prince Georges County Schools
  • Rural Health Care Network Development Grant (HRSA)
  • Psychiatry Associates, P.A. Contracts


  • Telemental Health Services in Additional School Systems
  • Emergency Department Consultation
  • Specialty Clinics
  • Research