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Clinical Services

Inpatient Services

University of Maryland Hospital

At the University of Maryland Hospital, the Department administers a Geriatric Psychiatry inpatient unit, two general adult inpatient units and a child and adolescent unit.


  • Connie Noll, Manager, Psychiatric Assessment and Referral Center, (410) 328-6231

VA Maryland Health Care System

The VA Maryland Health Care System has two acute inpatient units, two Sustained Treatment units and five Residential Treatment units.


  • Transfer Coordinator: Cynthia Wiley, 447-4368 (pager)
  • Clinical Center Director: Marsden McGuire, MD, (410) 605-7410

Maryland Psychiatric Research Center

At the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center there are two inpatient research units.


  • Inpatient Program: Susan Basham, (410) 402-6805
  • Residential Research Unit: Dale Warfel, (410) 402-6844
  • Treatment Research Unit: Karen Horn, (410) 402-6860

Outpatient/Ambulatory Services

University of Maryland Hospital

At the University of Maryland Hospital, the Department administers emergency psychiatric services, general and substance abuse consultation/liaison services and child/adolescent and geriatric day hospitals.


  • Child Day Hospital: David Pruitt, MD, (410) 328-3522
  • Geriatric Outpatient: Mary Tlasek-Wolfson: (410) 328-8415
  • Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry: Brenda Jackson: (410) 328-6091
  • Medical Crisis Counseling Center: Brenda Jackson, (410) 328-6091
  • Psychiatric Assessment and Referral Center: Connie Noll, Manager, (410) 328-6231
  • Psychiatric Emergency Service: Eric Weintraub, MD, (410) 328-1219
  • Substance Abuse Consultation/Liaison Service: Christopher Welsh, MD or Arthur Cohen, (410) 328-6169

Institute of Psychiatry and Human Behavior

At the Institute of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, the Department administers outpatient clinics for adult, geriatric and child and adolescent psychiatry, an adult day hospital and a Methadone Maintenance Program.


  • Adult Outpatient: Mary Tlasek-Wolfson (410) 328-6018
  • Adult Day Hospital: Dawn Clayton (410) 328-6071
  • Methadone Maintenance Program: Jewell Benford, (410) 837-3313

Maryland VA Medical Center

At the Maryland VA Medical Center we have a general outpatient clinic, substance abuse services, a post-traumatic stress disorder clinic and a consultation liaison service.


  • General Outpatient Clinics: Nikki Berryman, (410) 605-7360
  • Substance Abuse and Trauma Services: Linda Case (410) -605-7357
  • Consultation/Liaison Service: David Loreck, MD, (410) 605-7367

Fayette Clinic at the Walter P. Carter Center
Carruthers Clinic in South Baltimore

In the Division of Community Psychiatry, there are two community mental health clinics, the Fayette Clinic at the Walter P. Carter Center and the Carruthers Clinic in South Baltimore . The Continuous Care Team (CCT) is an intensive psychiatric treatment and case management service located at the Fayette Clinic. The clinics also offer the Programs In Assertive Community Treatment (PACT), intensive psychiatric treatment and case management programs designed to provide services to patients who have little or no ability to access treatment in the outpatient clinic, and Harbor City Unlimited, a psychiatric rehabilitation program offering an individualized community atmosphere for skill development, vocational evaluation, work adjustment training, supported employment, job placement, socialization, recreation and comprehensive case management services.


  • Carruthers Clinic: Barbara Sadowski, LCSW-C, (410) 328-2293
  • Community Support/SSI Project: Barbara Wahl, (410) 328-1406
  • Continuous Care Team: Marsha Gorth, LCSW-C, (410) 328-2208
  • Fayette Clinic: Marsha Gorth, LCSW-C, (410) 328-2208
  • Harbor City Unlimited: Jill RachBeisel, M.D. (410) 328-8559
  • Programs in Assertive Community Treatment: Yolanda Jones, LCSW-C, (410) 328-2564
  • Safe Haven: Barbara Wahl, (410) 323-7896 or(410) 328-1406

Maryland Psychiatric Research Center

At the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center, there is an outpatient and research clinic.


  • Schizophrenia Related Disorders Program: Judy Liu, RN, (410) 402-6832
  • Outpatient Program: Elaine Weiner, MD, (410) 402-7694

Psychiatry Associates

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

The Department of Psychiatry offers a variety of Behavioral Health Services, including Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) to key organizations in the Baltimore area.

The Department of Psychiatry manages EAP's for the University of Maryland Medical System; the University of Maryland Baltimore and University of Maryland Faculty Physicians, Inc. (employees & family members). EAP services, substance abuse prevention are also provided to local sports teams including Baltimore Orioles Minor League teams.

Other organizations have contracted for psychiatric services such as: consultation, treatment, evaluation and medication management. These organizations include: the Tuerk House Drug Treatment Program, Guadenzia Drug Treatment Center and UCARE primary care sites in West Baltimore.

The Department also has developed the capability for tele-mental health services utilizing the latest video-conferencing technology. The Child Psychiatry Division has used telepsychiatry to provide substance abuse education and mental health consultation to the Baltimore City School System and adolescent treatment programs.

Faculty of the Department also provides outpatient consultation and treatment of all mental health and substance abuse disorders in all age groups.


  • Physician Consultation and Referral Service at 1-800-492-5538 (patients) or 1-800-373-4111 (physicians) to schedule an appointment

List of Faculty Practice Members