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Marc T. Zubrow, MD, FACP, FCCP, FCCM

Academic Title:

Associate Professor

Primary Appointment:


Additional Title:

Vice President, Telemedicine


110 S. Paca St., Suite 5-N-162

Phone (Primary):




Education and Training

University of Pennsylavania - B.A. -1973

Jefferson Medical College - M.D. - 1977

Lankenau Hospital - Internal Medicine Residency - 1977-1980

University of Pittsburgh - Pulmonary Fellowship - 1980-1982


Dr. Zubrow comes to the University of Maryland Medical School with over 30 years of experience practicing pulmonary and critical care medicine. Additionally he has developed and managed multiple critical care and intensivist programs in a variety of hospital settings. For the last 10 years, Dr. Zubrow has developed and managed the tele-ICU program at the Christiana Care Health System. This nationally known program has also provided tele-ICU support to 6 rural Maryland hospitals, collectively known as the Maryland eCare. The highly successful program was the first in the country to use local CPOE systems, receive financial support from a private insurer, and a variety of other innovations.

Since arriving at the University of Maryland in 7/2012 as Vice President for Telemedicine, Dr. Zubrow has lead the implementation of a tele-ICU program in 11 hospitals throughout the State of Maryland. He has also assisted in the development and implementation of a variety of other telemedicine initiatives; consultation, post-operative care, organ transplant.evaluation, LVAD support, mental health evaluation and management, are some of the telemedicine programs currently in operation at the University of Maryland Medical System in collaboration with the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Most recently, he has lead the development and implementation of a novel, system wide tele-sitter program that will improve patient safety in a cost effective manner.

Dr. Zubrow’s most recent areas of research have centered on telemedicine and the remote physical examination.

Research/Clinical Keywords

Telemedicine, Tele-ICU, Critical Care, Care delivery models, Remote Physical Examination

Highlighted Publications

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Additional Publication Citations

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