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Tamaki Ikuse, MD, PhD

Academic Title:

Visiting Assistant Professor

Primary Appointment:



655 West Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

Phone (Primary):




Education and Training

Juntendo University Faculty of Medicine, MD, 2005

Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine, PhD, Pediatric Gastroentelorogy, 2012

Internship, Juntendo University Shizuoka Hospital, 2007

Residensy, Juntendo University Hospital, Pediatrics, 2010

Fellowship, Juntendo University Hospital, Pediatric Gastroenterology, 2013


Dr. Ikuse is a pediatric gastroenterlorogist and a leading expert in the study of Helicobacter pylori infection in childhood in Japan. His areas of interest include mucosal immunology, Helicobacter pylori infection, gastric cancer, the gut microbiome and inflammatory bowel diseases. In 2017, he participated in developing Japanese Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition guidelines for the management of Helicobacter pylori infection in childhood. 

Research/Clinical Keywords

Helicobacter pylori infection, Gastric Cancer, Mucosal Immunology, Gut Microbiome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Highlighted Publications


Ikuse T, Aoyagi Y, Obayashi N, Jimbo K, Kudo T, Ohtsuka Y, Blanchard TG, Czinn SJ, Shimizu T. Antibiotic Resistance of Helicobacter pylori and Eradication Rate in Japanese Pediatric Patients. Advanced in Microbiology 7. DOI: 10.4236/aim.2017.74020, 2017.


Ikuse T, Kudo T, Obayashi N, Jimbo K, Aoyagi Y, Ohtsuka Y, Blanchard TG, Czinn SJ, Shimizu T. A Retrospective Analysis of Three Non-Invasive Tests for Initial Diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori Infection in Children. Advanced in Microbiology 7. DOI: 10.4236/aim.2017.74021, 2017.


Obayashi N, Ohtsuka Y, Hosoi K, Ikuse T, Jimbo K, Aoyagi Y, Fujii T, Kudo T, Asaoka D, Hojo M, Nagahara A, Watanabe S, Shimizu T. Comparison of Gene Expression Between Pediatric and Adult Gastric Mucosa with Helicobacter pylori Infection. Helicobacter 21(2): 114-23, 2016.


Ikuse T, Ohtsuka Y, Kudo T, Hosoi K, Obayashi N, Jimbo K, Aoyagi Y, Fujii T, Nagata S, Shimizu T. Microarray analysis of gastric mucosa among children with Helicobacter pylori infection. Pediatr Int 54(3): 319-24, 2012.