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2016-2017 Student Research Seminar Series

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November 2016

11/04 - Michael White (Program in Neuroscience/Mentor-Mathur) "The claustrum mediates cross-cortical communication for top-down attention"

11/11 - Andrew Wescott (Molecular Medicine Program/MSTP Program/Mentor-Lederer) "Mitochondrial Calcium Signaling"

11/18 - Atum Buo (Molecular Medicine Program/Mentor-Stains) ;"The intersecting function of Connexin 43 and Runx2 in bone"

11/25 - No meeting: Thanksgiving

December 2016

12/02 - Lindsay Pickett (Program in Neuroscience/Mentor-McCarthy "Mast Cells in the Developing Brain Determine Adult Sexual Behavior"

12/09 - Amber Plante (Molecular Medicine Program/Mentor-Meredith "Single nucleotide polymorphisms alter currents from human BK channels"

12/16 - Spencer Todd (Toxicology Program/Mentors-Randall, Periera "The effects of continuous exposure to the organophosphate pesticide chlorpyrifos on the differentiation of the SHSY5Y neuroblastoma cell line: implications for developmental neurotoxicity"

12/23 - No meeting: Winter Break

12/30 - No meeting: Winter Break

January 2017

1/02 - No meeting: Winter Break

1/06 - Kendra Seckinger (Toxicology Program/Mentor-Rizzo "Regulation of Glucokinase in Pancreatic Beta Cells"

1/13 - Mary Patton (Program in Neuroscience/Mentor-Mathur "TrkB-dependent disinhibition of the NAc core is under metaplastic control by ethanol"

1/20 No meeting

1/27 - Elise Ma (Program in Neuroscience/MSTP Program/Mentor-Faden "Bidirectional Brain-Gut Interactions and Intestinal Pathology during Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury"

February 2017

2/03 - Sarah Russell (Molecular Medicine Program/Mentor-Schneider "Monitoring FoxO1-GFP and atrophy of adult mouse skeletal muscle fibers in culture: effects of altered FoxO1 regulation"

2/10 - Natalie Hesselgrave (Program in Neuroscience/Mentor-Thompson "Do hippocampal projections to the nucleus accumbens mediate the antidepressant effects of GABA-NAMs? Preliminary data"

2/17 - Bishal Tandukar (Biochemistry Program/Mentor-Hornyak "Characterization of Melanocyte Stem Cell Sub-populations at Bulge and Secondary Hair Germ Region of Murine Hair Follicle"

2/24 - Eryn Dixon (Toxicology Program/Mentor-Woodward "Identification of ezrin in a novel 3D in vitro model for ADPKD as a new target in cystogenesis"

March 2017

3/03 - Lain Hostelly (Molecular Medicine Program/Mentor-Zaghloul) "Interaction of Exocrine and Endocrine Pancreas in Obesity Ciliopathies"

3/10 - Megan Moorer (Molecular Medicine Program/Mentor-Stains) "Connexins as Active Regulators of Signal Transduction in Bone"

3/17 - Nina Klimova (Program in Neuroscience/Mentor-Tibor) "Effect of nicotinamide mononucleotide on NAD+ metabolism and mitochondrial dynamics following global cerebral ischemia"

3/24 - No meeting: Spring Break

3/31 - Jonathan Van Ryzin (Program in Neuroscience/Mentor/McCarthy) "Enduring effects of microglia function: Implications for sexual differentiation of the amygdala and establishment of fear, anxiety, and social behaviors"

April 2017

4/28 - Janelle Geist (Biochemistry Program/Mentor-Kontrogianni) "Myosin Binding Protein-C: A multifaceted regulator of muscle structure and function in health and disease"

4/21 - Libet Garber (Bioengineering/UMCP/Mentor-Lederer) "Relationship between Action Potential and Excitation Contraction Coupling in Atrial Myocytes"

4/14 - No meeting: Good Friday

4/07 - No meeting: TPIMB Retreat

May 2017

5/05 - Jin Xu (Biochemistry Program/Mentor-Qiu) "Overcoming drug resistance in castration-resistant prostate cancer"

5/12 - James Lyons (Molecular Medicine Program/Mentor-Stains) "Microtubule-dependent regulation of a signaling relay that tunes the osteocyte mechanical load response"

5/19 - Jennifer McFarland (Program in Neuroscience/Mentor-Rizzo) "Ligand-mediated Regulation of Glucokinase-mediated Glucosensing in Hypothalamic Neurons"

5/26 - SaiSachin Divakaruni (Program in Neuroscience/MSTP Program/Mentor-Blanpied) "The role and regulation of dendritic mitochondrial fission during long-term potentiation"

June 2017

6/02 - Sausan Jaber (Biochemistry Program/Mentor-Polster) "Targeting Mitochondrial Bioenergetics for Neuroprotection"

6/09 - Nicole Snell (Molecular Medicine Program/Mentor-Rizzo) "Triple FRET imaging of non-muscle myosin II in spreading cells"

6/16 - Nathan Hardenbrook (Biochemistry Program/Mentor-Krant) "Cryo-EM Structure of the Anthrax Toxin Protective Antigen Pore Bound to Lethal Factor"