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Student Research Seminar Series

2017-2018 | 2016-2017

November 2017

11/03 - Amber Mueller (Molecular Medicine Program/Mentor-Bloch) "Xenografting human myogenic cells into mice for studies of Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy"

11/10 - Steve Pratt (BiochemistryProgram/Mentor-Martin) "Real-time scratch assay reveals mechanisms of early calcium signaling in MCF-7 cells in response to wounding"

11/17 - Andrew Wescott (Molecular Medicine Program/MSTP/Mentor-Lederer) "Regulation of ATP Production by Mitochondrial Calcium Signals in Heart"

11/24 - No meeting: Thanksgiving

December 2017

12/01 - Christian Kinney (Molecular Medicine Program/Mentor-Bloch) "Crym Expression and Function in Skeletal Muscle"

12/08 - Eryn Dixon (Toxicology Program/Mentor-Woodward) "Disruption of the apical compartment in ADPKD cystogenesis"

12/15 - Michael White (Program in Neuroscience/Mentor-Mathur) "The role of the claustrum in top-down cognitive processing"

12/22 - No meeting: Winter Break

12/29 - No meeting: Winter Break

January 2018

1/05 - Janelle Geist (Biochemistry Program/Mentor-Kontrogianni "Myosin Binding Protein-C Slow (sMyBP-C) Function, Regulation, and Disease Implications"

1/12 - Amanda Labuza (Program in Neuroscience/Mentor-Bloch) "Understanding the role of small ankyrin in calcium regulation in excitable cells"

1/19 No meeting - Biochemistry Program Retreat

1/26 - Amber Plante (Molecular Medicine Program/Mentor-Meredith) "Ca2+ channels in SCN neurons and their role in intracellular Ca2+ and AP rhythmicity"

February 2018

2/02 - Allison Gerber (Biochemistry Program/Mentor-Singh) "Dendritic cell derived IL-12p40 binds extracellular proteins to make heterodimeric cytokines"

2/09 - Dan Garman (Molecular Medicine Program/Mentor-Bloch) "Dysferlin Mutants: Defects in Trafficking and Association with Proteins of the Transverse Tubule"

2/16 - Courtney Chandler (Biochemistry Program/Mentor-Ernest) "Novel model of Francisella novicida intradermal infection using microneedle arrays"

2/23 - Nicole Snell (Molecular Medicine Program/Mentor-Rizzo) "Regulation of Non-muscle Myosin II in Spreading Cells"

March 2018

3/02 - Jennifer McFarland (Program in Neuroscience/Mentor-Rizzo) "TBA"

3/09 - Kendra Seckinger (Toxicology Program/Mentor-Rizzo) "TBA"

3/16 - Devin Snyder (Biochemistry Program/Mentor-Kaetzel) "TBA"

3/23 - No meeting: Spring Break

3/30 - Anthony Cole (Program in Neuroscience/MSTP/Mentor-Thompson) "TBA"

April 2018

4/06 - No meeting: Spring Break

4/13 - Nathan Hardenbrook (Biochemistry Program/Mentor-Krantz) "TBA"

4/20 - Jackie Highland (Molecular Medicine Program/Mentor-Gould) "TBA"

4/27 - Sarah Russell (Molecular Medicine Program/Mentor-Schneider) "TBA"

May 2018

5/04 - Poorna Dharmasri (Program in Neuroscience/Mentor-Blanpied) "TBA"

5/11 - No meeting: Muscle Program Retreat

5/18 - Quinton Banks (Program in Neuroscience/Mentor-Schneider) "TBA"

5/25 - Alyssa Grogan (Molecular Medicine Program/Mentor-Kontrogianni) "TBA"

June 2018

6/01 - Natalie Hesselgrave (XXX Program/Mentor-XXX) "TBA"

6/08 - XXX (XXX Program/Mentor-XXX) "TBA"

6/15 - XXX (XXX Program/Mentor-XXX) "TBA"

6/22 - XXX (XXX Program/Mentor-XXX) "TBA"