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Match Process

The following is a list of key steps to help medical students during the match process: 

Medical School Performance Evaluation (MSPE)
(Formerly the Dean’s Letter)

Match Day 3

In June before your fourth year, we will begin meeting with students to prepare MSPE’s. You should schedule an appointment for June, July or August to have your MSPE written. We suggest having this meeting as soon as you can, since the meeting will serve not only to gather information to include in your MSPE but also as a counseling and guidance session regarding application strategies for you. Ideally, your CV will be submitted to Dawn Roberts, and Unique Characteristics bio bullets (See UC example here)should be uploaded to MedScope prior to your meeting date. For the meeting, you should bring and be prepared to discuss your transcript/grades, USMLE step 1 score, senior schedule, and a draft of your personal statement if you have begun working on it. Additionally, most residency program directors and some department chairs make themselves available for meetings over the summer to assist you with choosing programs appropriate for your needs and credentials, and we encourage you to be in contact with them soon.

You may contact one of the deans listed below to schedule an appointment to have your MSPE written. Please note that Dr. Parker reads and signs off on all the letters.

  • Dr. Donna Parker:  410-706-7476
  • Dr. Joseph Martinez: 410-706-7476
  • Dr. Neda Frayha: 410-706-7476

We also suggest reviewing the Residency Application Manual sections on "Timeline", "Writing the MSPE/Getting Advice" and "Transcripts" for specific guidance on procedures. Also, please look at the Match Process Timeline to give you a bigger snapshot of the next few months and what you need to accomplish.

Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS)

Tokens will be available on or about July 1, and will be emailed to you. A few days after, the MYERAS web site will open so that you may begin working on your applications.

Letters of Recommendations (LORs):

Match 4

The processes for receiving LORs are as follows:

  • Create a letter of recommendation slot within ERAS. 
  • Print out LOR cover sheet and hand to letter writer. 
  • LOR's are uploaded directly into ERAS by the letter writers. Please check ADTS for the letter's status.


  • Regarding photos for ERAS, arrangements have been made with the Photography Department to have your photos taken for residency applications. We will use those photos to upload to ERAS. Please contact the Photography Department (410-706-7808) to set up a time to have your photo taken. Don’t forget to inform them that you are a fourth-year student requesting a digital photo for residency applications.
  • The Photo and Graphics Group is located in the Bressler Research Building, 1st floor, Room 1-009. (Past Hosick Lecture Hall)
    Phone x6-7808 (410-706-7808)
    9:30a.m. – 3:00p.m. Monday – Friday (Closed between noon and 1pm)
    Call the day you plan to have your shoot to confirm the photographers are available.
    Remember to dress professionally. Wear what you would wear to a residency interview.
    Your potential, future program directors will be viewing these photos. The background is usually white.


  • Special arrangements have been made with the Office of Records and Registration for the OSA to receive the transcript in ERAS format at the end of September. Transcripts will not be updated once they are received, so please make sure you review the transcript by mid-September and report any discrepancies to Sonia Beasley.


Once you obtain your token from the OSA, you should go to the MYERAS website and click on register. After registering you will be assigned an AAMC ID # . (This number is also listed on your AMCAS application, which we have in the office of student affairs).  We strongly recommend that you place the number in a safe place, as you will need it several times during the course of this process.


Clinical Evaluations will be placed into the MSPE as soon as they are received. Every attempt will be made to include evaluations received by the first week in October.

If you are unhappy with a comment in a clerkship, try to discuss this first with the clerkship director. Further discussion can happen with a dean during your MSPE interview. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact one of the deans (Dr. Fantry, Dr. Frayha, Dr. Martinez or Dr. Parker) by phone or email.

Additional information will be forwarded to you as we get further into the process. Feel free to contact the OSA with any questions you may have.