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Patient care begins with self-care!

Welcome to the Stress Less and Decompress wellness program.

Meet the Committee

Donna Parker, MD
Joseph Martinez, MD
John Allen, MD
Jennifer Llewellyn
Reetta Gach

Student Members

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2018-2019 Academic Year

  • Please check back later for 2018-2019 events

2017-2018 Academic Year

The 2017-2018 Academic Year was an exciting year with the launch of our Stress Less and Decompress wellness programming.

  • Hosted two breakfasts for Year 1 & Year 2 (Rejuvenation Breakfast Video)
  • Offered two Meditation Classes
  • Pre-exam food and coffee: Provided breakfast snacks and coffee one business day before an exam.
  • ICM 3 days: Made these days shorter and incorporated some wellness programming
  • Added wellness talks in Psych and IM Clerkships
  • House spaces for students opened in January of 2018 in HSF-I (Lois Young-Thomas House, Julius Friedenwald House, Eva Dodge House, and Mario Garcia-Palmieri House) where students can have social events, meetings, or space for some downtime. Click to read more about our House Advisory System.
  • Incorporated wellness topics into the bi-monthly White Coat newsletter in September of 2017, as well as included campus resources such as UMB's Wellness Hub, Student Counseling Center, and Student Health.
  • The Complementary and Integrative Medicine Interest Group (CIMIG) created and distributed a wellness survey.

Well(ness) Newsletter

The Journal of the UMSOM Complementary and Integrative Medicine Interest Group

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