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Requirements for Graduation

In order to graduate from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Pass all third-year clerkships, including written examinations
  • Pass two subinternships
  • Pass one 4-week ICM 4 rotation
  • Complete your FRCT Scholarly Project
  • Pass five 4-week electives (including preclinical equivalents – CAPP, Medical Spanish, Primary Care Track, Law School coursework, Genomes, Humanism and third-year elective)
    • At least one of these must be a clinical elective taken in the 4th year
    • Two of four fourth-year electives must be on campus, in our electives catalog
      • Pre-clinical electives count as “on campus”
  • One elective or one SubI must be done in the Internal Medicine department
  • Pass OSCE
  • Take USMLE Step 2
    • Clinical Knowledge and Clinical Skills
  • Complete Exit Interview with Financial Aid