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The Lightbulb Moment Competition

The Office of Student Affairs at the University of Maryland School of Medicine offers student entrepreneurs from across the UMB campus to submit the most innovative new ideas in the medical field for The Lightbulb Moment Competition. This competition allows for students to pitch their ideas to a panel of industry experts, compete for funding of their start-up and receive resources and help to start their companies. The winners of The Lightbulb Moment Competition received recognition and competed for prizes to support the development and commercialization of an important new product, technology or concept. 

This competition is unique in that the University of Maryland School of Medicine works with all finalists prior to the competition to prepare them for their pitch. We want this opportunity to be an educational experience as well as a platform for your idea. Every finalist will have access to the following:

  • Mentorship and guidance to help you to create a business model and practice pitching to investors
  • Team building
  • Feedback from industry experts

Examples of novel concepts:

  • A medical education tool that helps medical students with the curriculum
  • A medical device that furthers the medical field
  • Any other concept that could improve the lives of patients

The 2016-2017 application round is closed. Stay tuned for the 2017-2018 application round...

2017 Lightbulb Moment Competition

First Place: Nanobernetics, LLC
Second Place: AgamiLife, Inc.
Third Place: EasyGene

For the full story about the 2017 Lightbulb Moment Competition, please visit:

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