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As your working as a medical student, there may be something you notice when you say to yourself, "Why doesn't someone invent something to fix that problem?" The University of Maryland School of Medicine is dedicated to helping students grow and promote these types of innovative ideas. We understand that creativity and innovation in the medical industry will help doctors to be more efficient and promote better patient care. 

Have an idea and need advice?

We are here to help you with your idea. Please contact Sara Menso or call 410-706-3649 to schedule an appointment.


Entrepreneurship Innovation Network
The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Network (EIN) is a student-run, grassroots initiative that aims to assemble the entrepreneurial minded University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) students to create an ecosystem for innovation through interprofessional collaboration. EIN strives to embed the talent present within the UMB student body into the larger Baltimore area and BioHealth Capital Region entrepreneurial landscape through partnerships, networking, knowledge sharing and inspiration.

Biotechnology Investor Incentive Tax Credits
The Maryland Biotechnology Investor Incentive Tax Credit (BIITC) program is available. Investors can receive income tax credits equal to 50%* of eligible investments in Qualified Maryland Biotechnology Companies (QMBC). $12M in funding is available for these credits during the FY18 fiscal year.

This course engages participants to explore their ideas and research deeply by talking to potential customers, partners and competitors and encountering the challenges and uncertainty of creating successful innovations. This workshop provides tools and guidance to help validate (or invalidate) a business model for maximizing the number people your research or concept impacts. Validated opportunities can be then be pursued by you or by teams from UMB or from the region and could be a startup, a large company, a non-profit or foundation, government, etc. This isn't a workshop about starting a company. Instead, it's structured coaching to help you better identify and validate opportunities where innovative research can make a scalable and sustainable impact.

The Concept to Clinic: Commercializing Innovation (C3i) Program
Are you an NIH-funded investigator focused on medical device innovations? NIH recently announced the availability of administrative supplements to parent awards for a number of different activity codes with participation by four ICs (see lists below). Both SBIR/STTR awardees as well as recipients of a number of different research grants are eligible.

"Talking to Humans" by Giff Constable


For a listing of entrepreneurial events, please visit Bio-Entrepreneur Events.