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Prematriculation Summer Program (PSP)

For six weeks during the Summer, incoming first year medical students actively participate in a simulation of basic science course work. They are previewing what is to come in medical school (not reviewing their undergraduate studies).

PSP participants:

  • are exposed to significant portions of anatomy, histology, biochemistry, molecular science and genetics that comprise much of the first year curriculum;
  • take part in lecture, lab and small group learning venues;
  • obtain experience in taking typical medical school exams;
  • have time to adapt their study skills to the academic demands of the medical curriculum;
  • develop friendships with fellow medical students and faculty;
  • generally learn their way around the medical school as well as the campus.

The result is that, for these students, much of the mystery of medical school is removed and they are much better prepared for the Fall.

This program is open to any incoming first year. It is especially beneficial for students who were non-science majors, had lower than normal MCAT scores, have been away from school for a while, are feeling very anxious about medical school or, in some other way, are nontraditional medical students. Enrollment is limited. Selection of PSP participants is based on need, strength of interest in the program, and when the PSP application was received. Participants who complete the program receive a small stipend.