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Kidney Transplant Program

kidney program

Founded in 1968, the University of Maryland Medical Center's Kidney Transplant Program has established a national reputation for innovation and technical excellence. It is among the nation’s largest and most active transplant programs. The program has consistently excellent patient outcomes and is staffed by highly experienced Transplant Nephrologists, Surgeons, Pathologists, Pharmacists, Nurse Practitioners, and Coordinators.

Over the past five years the program has averaged more than 260 kidney transplants per year. Transplant Nephrologists round daily on two robust inpatient transplant services. These services include both medical and surgical transplant admissions. These services have over 1500 admissions per year. The Nephrology Division performs over 1000 kidney transplant biopsies per year.

The outpatient transplant clinic occurs five days a week and is where members of the Nephrology Division provide the primary transplant care for a variety of transplant patients. This clinic has over 6000 visits per year. Additionally the Nephrologists in the outpatient Transitional Care Clinic provide initial transplant care for medically complicated transplant recipients. This clinic has over 2000 visits annually.

The Nephrology Division also provides the primary medical transplant care services for the Pancreas Transplant Program at the University of Maryland. This program transplants approximately 20 patients each year and includes combined kidney and pancreas transplants as well as solitary pancreas transplants. Care is also provided for combined liver kidney transplant recipients, and liver transplant recipients who have renal complications. The Liver Transplant Program currently transplants approximately 85 recipients a year (including 15 combined liver kidney patients) and is rapidly growing. The Division provides nephrology consultative services to the Heart and Lung Transplant programs as well. These programs transplant about 50 recipients a year and continue to grow.

The Nephrology Division members are active participants in the weekly transplant conferences which include a biopsy conference, organ specific listing conferences, living donor conference, morbidity and mortality conference, and a variety of educational conferences.

Department of Surgery: Division of Transplantation

The program provides patient access to the latest advances in transplant technology and immunosuppressive medication therapy, as well as to the top-notch talent and broad resources of the UMMC Department of Surgery.  It is one few centers nation-wide to offer simultaneous bilateral nephrectomy and transplant, where both kidneys are removed and a kidney transplant is performed in the same operation.  In 2009, the University of Maryland became the first hospital in Maryland, and only the third in the United States, to perform a single-port, natural orifice kidney removal surgery through the navel for a living kidney donor.  Today, University of Maryland transplant surgeons have performed more Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgeries (SILS) on living donors than in any other center in the nation. Learn More