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SPAM is unsolicited, unwanted, junk and sometimes offensive e-mail sent out in bulk across the internet. SPAM hurts us all by cluttering up our E-mail Inboxes and the Internet.

How to prevent SPAM

Limit access to your e-mail address. Don't give your e-mail address out freely to newsgroups, listservs and web sites unless you want to receive e-mail from them. Follow these instructions to filter out unwanted junk mail. 

Do not reply to the SPAM message because:

  • A large percentage of spam mail is sent using bogus "From" or "Reply-to" addresses.
  • Your reply could be going to an innocent party.
  • Your response could be going to a list and generate even more spam. The message could be a probe to confirm your email address. This is done in a lot of spam messages that include a specific address to send requests to be removed from the list.

For more information on SPAM visit the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email (CAUCE).