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School Mental Health

Several Center faculty are involved in research to advance mental health programs in schools. The Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry is home to the national Center for School Mental Health (CSMH), funded since 1995 by the Office of Adolescent Health, Maternal and Child Health Bureau (Title V, Social Security Act), Health Resources and Service Administration, Department of Health and Human Services. It also operates four University of Maryland school mental health programs and has strong connections with school mental health program leaders from across the country.  The CSMH is committed to being informed by frontline practice and in turn to inform this practice to promote high quality evidence-based practices and programming across the three tiers (universal, selected, and indicated) of service delivery.

Mental Health Supports for Students with ED to Achieve Success in Least Restrictive Educational Settings

Two University of Maryland School Mental Health Programs, the Baltimore City School Mental Health Initiative (BSMHI) and the Prince Georges County School Mental Health Initiative, have developed and are testing the effectiveness of augmenting traditional school supports with additional school mental health services for students with severe emotional and behavioral disabilities in special education. Intervention components include evidence-based, modularized mental health interventions, intensive case management, family peer support, training and consultation for school staff, and psychiatric consultation. Measured outcomes include an array of psychosocial indicators (mental health functioning, family stress and resources) and academic outcomes (grades, discipline referrals, promotion, educational placement, and attendance).