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RTC Waiver Program - Providers Overview

The RTC Waiver is a Medicaid Demonstration Waiver and RTC Waiver Services are Medicaid services for participants in the RTC Waiver.

RTC Waiver Services are Caregiver Peer-to-Peer Support, Crisis and Stabilization Services, Family and Youth Training, Expressive & Experiential Behavioral Services (art, dance/movement, equine, horticultural, music, psychodrama/drama), In-Home Respite Care, Out-of-Home Respite Care, and Youth Peer-to-Peer Support.

RTC Waiver Service Provider Directory - Updated April 2011

To become a Waiver provider, please download and complete the following documents:

 Waiver Checklist - please review this form first and follow all steps

Face Sheet 

General Conditions 

Medical Care Program Provider Application 

Provider Participation Agreement