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Innovations Center

The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Innovations Center (UM-MHIC) accelerates the development of new methods to improve the mental health treatment of underserved youth with mental illness. UM-MHIC is part of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

The center is dedicated to developing and advancing evidence-based interventions for community mental health treatment, models for integration of behavioral health services, and multi-disciplinary training to improve services for underserved young people. The center includes researchers and collaborators that form a multi-disciplinary team spanning psychiatry, psychology, social work, pharmacology, pediatrics, and epidemiology. They have expertise in pediatric obesity, psychological trauma, psychopharmacology, school based mental health interventions, and child development.

The center is directed by David B. Pruitt, M.D, professor of psychiatry, head of the Division for Adolescent Psychiatry and director of the Taghi Modaressi Center for Infant Study at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.