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Breast Density Study

Dr. Shuldiner with Amish woman

Principal Investigators: Dr. Alan Shuldiner & Dr. Julie Douglas

Because our pilot study was so successful, we have been granted new funding to expand this study and recruit another 1,200 women over the next 3 years. The goal of this study is to identify the genes that influence the makeup of the female breast, in particular, the amount of dense tissue compared to fatty tissue (or what is referred to as breast density). Among breast cancer risk factors, breast density is one of the strongest but perhaps least understood. Identifying the genes that influence breast density may provide important insights into the prevention, control, and treatment of breast cancer. This study involves answering questions about your medical, reproductive, and family history and medication use, providing us with samples of your blood, and visiting our clinic for a routine mammogram or releasing your most recent mammogram (or x-ray of the breast to detect unsuspected breast cancer). If you would be willing to participate in this study, please contact us in writing or by telephone (717) 392-4948 at the Amish Research Clinic. We thank all of the women and families who generously gave their time to participate in our pilot study.