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Clinical Training

Each first year fellow spends 3 months on the inpatient endocrine consult service and 4 months on the inpatient diabetes consult service covering consults originating from UMMC and BVAMC while also maintaining ambulatory clinics. Both the endocrine and diabetes consult fellows meet with the consult attending at the same time to review cases; thus, allowing the fellows to learn from their cases as well as the other fellow’s cases.

Outpatient Experience

Since endocrinology is now predominantly an outpatient specialty, extensive opportunities are provided for fellows in Diabetes, General Endocrinology and Endocrinology Subspecialty Clinics at UMMC Midtown and BVAMC. Fellows spend 4 months during their first year of fellowship on a clinic only rotation (7-8 clinics/week). During this time, the fellow sees patients in the diabetes and general endocrinology continuity clinics as well as in Pituitary, Thyroid, and Metabolic Bone disease clinics. During the months on Diabetes and Endocrinology Consult Services, fellows spend 4 half days in clinic including UMMC Midtown and BVAMC diabetes and endocrine continuity clinics. During their research months, fellows have 2 clinics/week (1 continuity clinic and 1 general endocrine). Second year fellows have the option of rotating in the PCOS clinic or obesity and weight management clinics if interested.