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Admissions - Non-Academic Standards/Essential Functions

These standards reflect the essential non-academic requirements of the program that the student must master in a distraction-filled environment, to be successful in the DMRT program, graduate from UMB, and be employable:

  • dentify visually cellular components and microorganisms utilizing a microscope.
  • Interpret visually and distinguish biochemical reactions on slides, plates and test tubes.
  • Demonstrate sufficient manual dexterity in order to process specimens; operate, maintain, and repair laboratory equipment; carry out all aspects of laboratory testing procedures.
  • Ambulate adequately to collect blood specimens from patients and to perform basic laboratory functions in an established time-frame.
  • Demonstrate written and oral proficiency in the English language including the ability to read, write and speak English fluently.
  • Exhibit effective communication skills when transmitting data and/or information to faculty, classmates, physicians and other health care personnel.