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Laboratory Management Track

Credit Hour Requirements

A minimum of 36 credit hours is required.

This requirement includes 30 credits of course work and 6 credit hours of management practicum followed by submission of a scholarly paper.

All course work must be completed before the management practicum can be taken.

MEDT 628Seminar3 credits
(1 credit, must enroll three times)
All DMRT graduate students are required to attend seminar during their tenure as a graduate student.
MEDT 630Scientific & Technical Writing3 credits
MEDT 635Teaching Practicum2 credits
(Enrollment requires the permission of the course director in which the teaching practicum will be taken.)
MEDT 680 Laboratory Management3 credits
Students must have 1 year part-time (20 hours per week) or full-time experience working in a laboratory before they are allowed to enroll in this course. 
MEDT 687QC & Regulations2 credits
DBMS 638Biostatistics3 credits
(or PREV 620 Principles of Biostatistics or PUBL 604 Statistical Analysis [UMBC])
ACCT 504Introduction to Accounting [UB]3 credits
(or ACCT 610 Financial Accounting [UMUC])
FIN 504Financial Management [UB]3 credits
(or MGMT 640 Financial Decision Making for Managers [UMUC])
MGMT 600Leading with Integrity [UB]3 credits
(or MGMT 635 Organizational Leadership and Decision-Making (UMUC)
CIPP 909Responsible Conduct of Research1-2 credit(s)
MEDT 639 Management Practicum6 credits
Student must submit a letter to the DMRT Graduate Committee. The course awards six credits and is undertaken on a full-time basis, requiring 36-40 hours per week, with a minimum of 24 hours on site, for 15 weeks. A request for the practicum must be submitted one-year in advance of the intended start date. The site must be approved by the DMRT Graduate Committee. 
ELECTIVE COURSES: The remainder of the course requirements are elective management courses covering basic management principles, financial management and effective management of human resources. Courses must be approved by student's advisor. 
MEDT 634 Teaching Practicum Major4 credits
MEDT 638Special Topics1-4 credits
MEDT 654 Advanced Topics in Laboratory Sciences2 credits
PREV 648Healthcare Administration3 credits
HCAD 640Financial Management for Healthcare Organizations (UMUC*)3 credits
**ECAD 489Seminar in Administration (UMBC)3 credits
MGMT 610The Manager in a Technological Society (UMUC)3 credits
PUBL 615Managerial Leadership and Communication Skills (UMBC)3 credits
TMAN 633Managing People in Technology Based Organizations (UMUC)3 credits
MGMT 650Research Methods for Managers (UMUC)3 credits
HRMD 610Issues and Practices In Human Resource Management (UMUC)3 credits
EDUC 601Human Learning and Cognition (UMBC)3 credits