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Educating Tomorrow's Leaders

We’re providing a unique variety of educational resources to prepare students for careers as exceptional physicians, biomedical researchers, and allied health professionals.  

Primary Concerns

Dr. Donna Haines 100
“A lack of funding is keeping people from going into primary care because they know they can‟t afford to live on the salary. So, many students are going into specialty areas and PCPs are becoming a dying breed. More funding would attract more students who are considering primary care as a career.”

Donna S. Hanes, MD
Clinical Associate Professor  

Our students are able to learn new, highly advanced techniques from leading faculty physicians who are testing and, in some cases inventing, the technology. For example, our cardiac surgeons were the first in the world to perform an extremely rare robotic-assisted triple-bypass heart surgery using an advanced, minimally invasive heart-lung machine. This procedure provides an efficient and less intrusive alternative to open-heart surgery for patients with multiple blocked coronary arteries. It also provides a one-of-a-kind teaching method — combining world-class research, leading-edge care, and hands-on instruction.

Speaking of one-of-a-kind experiences, all of the students educated by the University of Maryland School of Medicine have passed through the doors of a National Historic Landmark – Davidge Hall. Named after the School’s founder and first dean, John Beale Davidge, and constructed in 1812, this iconic building is the oldest medical teaching facility in the United States continuously used for medical education. As part of the campaign, we are seeking funds to enhance the learning environment and improve the resources available to our students, including renovations to Davidge Hall. The Medical Alumni Association, an independent charitable organization dedicated to supporting the School of Medicine and Davidge Hall, is leading the conservation efforts. Our goal is to lead the way in transferring knowledge to tomorrow’s physicians through state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.


Endowed Scholarships: Transforming a Student's Dreams into Reality

In today’s dynamic healthcare environment, the need has never been greater for attracting the best and brightest students to careers in medicine. Breakthroughs occur every day in established and emerging areas of medicine. Such innovations raise the bar for today’s physicians and researchers and create demand for more talented and skilled professionals. Scholarships are important resources that help us offset the high cost of education, keeping it affordable for all qualified students who wish to fulfill their dreams and pursue a career in medicine.

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Make Dreams Possible

Linda Zu
“Thanks to my scholarship, I never had to worry about financial issues when considering opportunities or jobs while in med school. Had I been worried about earning money to cover expenses, I may have given up my first choice and done something else.”

Linda Xu
Medical Student 

In today’s dynamic health care environment, the need has never been greater for attracting the best and brightest students to pursue careers in medicine. However, even the most exceptional candidates may have problems affording medical school. In-state tuition at University of Maryland School of Medicine has risen from $1,800 per academic year in the early 1980s to more than $26,000 nowadays -- excluding the costs of books, equipment, fees, and living expenses. To ensure that our medical education is not limited only to those who can afford it, and to attract premier students of all backgrounds, it is vital to increase scholarships.

With your support, we can transform any bright student’s dream of becoming a doctor into a reality. This campaign will help to ensure that University of Maryland medical students continue to learn from the leading experts, using the latest tools in a state-of-the-art environment. That way, they can become better-trained doctors with the cutting-edge knowledge and skills to help people — maybe even you and your family — heal faster.

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