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Imagine What We Can Do

We can transform medicine. We are uniquely positioned to take on this challenge.

As one of the foundational medical schools in America, the University of Maryland School of Medicine has a long tradition of excellence for its ability to discover, teach, and heal.

Through groundbreaking biomedical research, innovative medical education, and advanced care, School of Medicine physicians and staff have been making a difference in the lives of their students and patients for more than two centuries.

We are Transformative

We are harnessing the power of change to inspire change in others.

Did you know? Our cardiac surgeons performed the world's first robotic-assisted triple-bypass, providing an efficient and less intrusive alternative to open-heart surgery – and a unique, leading-edge, hands-on teaching method.

We are pioneering

We are discovering solutions to today's most challenging issues and forging new pathways for discovery tomorrow.

Did you know? Robert Gallo, MD, Director of the Institute of Human Virology, who is credited with discovering that HIV was the cause of AIDS, is currently focused on the development of an effective HIV preventive vaccine and other therapies.

We are authoritative

We are leading experts who are creating expertise for the future.

Did you know? A team of University of Maryland scientists, led by Claire M. Fraser, PhD, professor of Medicine and Director of the Institute for Genome Sciences, has compiled a genomic “family tree” of various cold viruses - a powerful tool that may lead to the development of the first effective treatments against the common cold.

We are socially responsible

We are serving the needs of all patients, providing access to care, and eliminating disparities.

Did you know? Christopher Plowe, MD, Chief of the Center for Vaccine Development, is leading a team of scientists to create a new multi-component immunization to protect children in Mali and around the world against a broad array of malaria parasites

We are America's oldest public medical school, with a storied past and many traditions, and we are one of the most dynamic institutions of higher learning, imagining and creating the future of healthcare every day. With your support, we are impacting lives in our generation and transforming the health of generations to come. With your support, we can continue…

To Discover

"The work that we are doing could not have gotten off the ground without the help of our donors. It's that simple. Because of their generosity, we have been able to leverage the money we receive from other sources, such as the NIH, and make a demonstrable difference to people's lives."

Brian M. Berman, MD
Professor of Family & Community Medicine and Director, University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine

To Teach

"The generous support of donors allows the next generation of physicians to develop to their full potential, to follow their passion, to go on to serve patients in the state and beyond. What better way is there to say thanks?"

Donna L. Parker, MD, FACP
Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine and Associate Dean for Student Affairs

To Heal

"Through the donations, and the hard work of [its staff], the University of Maryland is at the forefront of cardiopulmonary medicine. My experience at the University of Maryland put my life back together. I hope other donors are inspired by my example and decide to give. Doing so will help so many others."

Katherine O'Neal-Brady

We need your help to achieve these goals. The University of Maryland School of Medicine requires significant financial resources to attract and retain top researchers, faculty members, and students and to sustain its centers and institutes — a budget that exceeds $1 billion annually.

Although we are a public institution, support from the state of Maryland provides a modest 3% of our operating costs – and it continues to diminish. In addition, our endowment of $160 million, though significant, is on average much lower than our peer schools.

Therefore, private philanthropy is the only way to bridge this gap and allow us to strengthen our financial and physical resources as a means to supporting our medical education programs and building endowments for research, faculty support and emerging opportunities.

Make a Difference. Make a Gift

With your support, we can impact the lives of our generation and transform the health of generations to come.

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