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How We Are Transforming Medicine

“Philanthropic support helps us in ways that other sources do not. It helps us to consider new, cutting-edge ideas that are too early to apply for and receive federal research funding. In other words, donor support allows us to make rapid progress.”

Kevin J. Cullen, MD
Professor and Director, University of Maryland Marlene & Stewart Greenebaum Cancer Center

Join the Transformation

Imagine a world in which…

  • Your hypertension medication works quickly and without adverse side effects because it’s tailored specifically for you.
  • Your wife’s tumor is treated without surgery, chemotherapy or radiation because it can be killed by her own immune system.
  • Your son will not have to wait for an available liver for his transplant operation – one will simply be grown using his own cells.

Soon you may not need your imagination to envision such scenarios. The University of Maryland School of Medicine is on the verge of numerous exciting breakthroughs that could transform this futuristic vision of medicine into a reality today.

As we move closer to this new age of medicine, new challenges continue to emerge. For example:

  • As our society ages, researchers must devise innovative, efficient ways to treat ailments affecting larger numbers of aging ‘baby-boomers’ and seniors, such as using robotics to assist with bypass heart surgery and stroke rehabilitation.
  • As barriers to international travel continue to fall, virologists face the increasing possibility of encountering new, hard-to-treat global diseases and the spread of pandemics.
  • Conflicts between countries and the threat of terrorism drive scientists to find new protection against bioterror agents and new surgical techniques that could benefit soldiers and others affected by traumatic injury.
  • A tumultuous downturn in the economy can create financial uncertainty for a student who dreams of researching a cure for breast cancer.

Now, imagine a world where your support helps us to overcome today’s realities, transforming them from challenges into opportunities – as surely as a researcher’s discovery can convert a once-fatal diagnosis into a treatable disorder.

With your support, imagine what we can do. Imagine how you can make a difference in saving a life – perhaps even that of someone you know.   Give Now

To Discover

Philanthropic gifts will help us find solutions to today's most important biomedical challenges.

"We need the freedom to test novel ideas. We need the freedom to say, ‘What if?’ To do something very different. That’s how new fields open. Risk-taking is where philanthropy is so important. Philanthropy can allow us to go after novel ideas that allow us to accomplish great things.”

Curt I. Civin, MD
Professor and Associate Dean for Research
Director, University of Maryland Center for Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine

To Teach

By endowing new professorships and scholarships, we can bring together the world’s leading experts and the brightest students and support their collaboration and innovations.

"More funding for scholarships would mean that the School of Medicine would attract even more incredibly gifted students who may be deterred from applying to medical school because of costs."

Yemi Adebayo
Medical Student

To Heal

Financial support will ensure that we continue to transform the health of generations by creating new opportunities for advancing clinical care.

"If I had more money, I could continue to bring together transformative scientists to develop new strategies -- for instance, for doing [tissue] transplants without immunosuppression and the risk of serious side effects. In five to ten years, with the right people in place, we would be able to solve the problem of immune tolerance in tissue transplants."

Stephen T. Bartlett, MD
The Peter Angelos Distinguished Professor and
Chair, Department of Surgery

Make a Difference. Make a Gift

With your support, we can impact the lives of our generation and transform the health of generations to come.

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