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Our Medical Advances

The University of Maryland School of Medicine combines research, education, and patient care to enable extraordinary medical advances—and bring them to Marylanders and the world, today.

We are seeking partners and investors to support and hasten our efforts to transform medicine through our work in these areas. With your help, we can uncover new treatments for cancer or HIV-- and the methods to deliver them -- sooner. We can better prepare doctors and researchers to meet today’s healthcare demands by working with leading experts and the latest innovations. We can continue to save and improve the lives of patients, through advanced clinical care and compassionate service to the community, in Maryland and beyond.

We are transforming medicine. We need your help to maintain our momentum -- now more than ever.

These are challenging times for healthcare. Looming national reforms. A sustained economic downturn. State and federal budget cuts. These are just a few of the obstacles that lie in our path and impede progress. With donor assistance, we can overcome these and other barriers and achieve our goals sooner rather than later, tomorrow and today.

Video: Research and Health Education

What Does Transforming Medicine Mean?

"To me, the words ‘transforming medicine’ mean ‘change,’ and today, medicine is changing quickly, at an accelerating pace, in fact. We are entering an age where not only can we say we understand how to diagnose and treat disease, but also we are beginning to understand, at the molecular level, how to treat specific diseases."

Kevin J. Cullen, MD

Professor of Medicine and Director, University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center 

"The phrase ‘transforming medicine’ means more than a simple change to the profession itself. The word ‘transforming’ often evokes the image of a caterpillar metamorphosing into a beautiful, new, and unique butterfly. When pairing the word ‘transforming’ with the word ‘medicine,’ I see a blossoming of the profession and culture [of medicine] that is novel, refreshing, and unrestricted or tainted by the imperfections of its past identity. What lies ahead is only defined by redefining what it means to practice medicine."

Yemi Adebayo
Medical Student

"When I see the words ‘transforming medicine,’ I think of my own experience. My treatment team told me that, because they knew exactly what it was that I had, my cancer was not only treatable it was curable. In other words, they were saying to me, ‘You will not die from this.’ That’s transforming medicine. When a doctor can tell a patient that he has a better chance of surviving than he would have had several years ago, that’s a transformation."

Mike Abramson

How You Can Make an Impact

The School of Medicine Research Building: Health Sciences Facility III

The construction of Health Sciences Facility III will produce a number of tangible results—a world-class research center, a new standard of excellence for the School of Medicine, and an economic engine for the state of Maryland. However, over time, the major achievement of such a facility may lie in its ability to inspire hope for our common future - hope that cures will be found for age-old diseases; that our children will enjoy healthy lives without fear of affliction; and that, eventually, we will unlock the mysteries of human life itself. Learn More

Endowed Professorships and Chairs

For the University of Maryland to continue its leadership role in academic and scientific circles, and to be counted among the premier institutions of medical education and research in the world, it must sustain an outstanding faculty. There is no better incentive to attract and retain the best scholars, researchers, and teachers than the endowed professorship. Learn More

Scholarships: Making Dreams Possible

In today's dynamic healthcare environment, the need has never been greater for attracting the best and brightest students to careers in medicine. Breakthroughs occur every day in established and emerging areas of medicine. Such innovations raise the bar for today’s physicians and researchers and create demand for more talented and skilled professionals. Scholarships are important resources that help us offset the high cost of education, keeping it affordable for all qualified students who wish to fulfill their dreams and pursue a career in medicine. Learn More

Davidge Hall: Preserving the Past for Future Generations

Davidge Hall is the oldest existing teaching facility in America continuously used for medical education. Davidge Hall has been in constant use as a medical educational facility for more than 200 years and has survived with a remarkable amount of its original building fabric intact. Now more than three decades since its last interior restoration, the building is in critical need of new mechanical and electrical systems, and interior modifications for accessibility. It is vitally important to preserve this iconic building so that we may continue to use it to teach future generations of aspiring physicians. Learn More